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Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. Does EBS Offer Peachtree University Classes?
  2. Can you help us with our network?
  3. Why do computer prices vary so much?
  4. Can you help us formulate a backup system...?
  5. Would it benefit our company to use our services over the years...?
  6. Do software products ... need updates...?
  1. Does EBS offer Peachtree University Classes?

    Yes! We have certified trainers and teach classes in Peachtree's accounting software products as well as other topics. Please check our schedule or contact us for special requirements.
  2. Can you help us with our network - it has been nothing but trouble?

    We have network specialists on staff. We work with the major network products and have various high level authorizations in networking. Our
    network customers learn to have much higher expectations from their networks as they work with us over time. 
  3. Why do computer prices vary so much?

    There are many technical factors that can affect a computer's price and value. Some factors are: Processor, Hard disk type and capacity,
    warrantee, tech support channel, quality and reliability, ease of installation, memory type and size, options, bundled software. Let us help you
    evaluate these differences. 
  4. Can you help us formulate a backup system and backup procedure for our business?

    Yes, this is part of the support we offer. We believe that protecting your data is one of the most important responsibilities you have and we
    would like to help you do it right. 
  5. Would it benefit our company to use your services over the years after our initial contact?

    Yes. We believe that your computer system should be a vital tool in your business and should grow and adapt over time. We want you to use us
    as a resource to help increase its benefit to you. 
  6. Do software products we purchase need updates or patches to work properly?

    Many times major manufacturers have updates and upgrades to their products to solve problems (bugs), add compatibility with other new
    products, add or improve features, etc. Please check with us or with each manufacturer regularly so that you can benefit from their constant
    efforts to improve their products. 


If you could not find an answer to your question in the information above, please e-mail us the question and we will respond promptly. 


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